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Product Code: iClear1X

The best solution for video card noise reduction


The HIS iClear card is HIS latest solution to video card noise reduction. It has an excellent implement of state-of-the-art design and technology and give you a better gaming experience by reducing the distortion and noise generated from graphic card. It reduces the noise distortion generated from high-end graphics card (from both Radeon and GeForce), TV tuner card and even Hi-Fi Sound Card, and provide up to 10% increase performance on Signal-to-Noise Ratio.

By reducing the distortion and noise generated from the graphics card, it gives the user a better video and gaming experience.

HIS iClear is a card to be installed into any PCI-Express slot (1x, 4x, 16x). You are recommended to install this filter between a graphics card and a device to protect from noise.

  1. HIS iClear card provide up to 10% increase performance on SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio)
  2. HIS iClear card reduce the noise distortion generate from the highend graphic card or TV tuner card

HIS iClear card provides a better image with clear picture
HIS iClear card provides better gaming experiences by reduce the distortion and noise generate from graphic card.
It can eliminate the noise generate from high-end card such as ATI Radeon 4000 series & Nividia graphic card to provide a "clear picture" when they are in use.  HIS iClear card provides an ultimate HD experience by reduces the distortion and noise generate from TV tuner card.


The above graphs show that the SNR is increased by up to 10% when HIS iClear card is installed.
Source: http://www.digit-life.com/articles/monitor/his-iclear.html

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HIS iClear: Filtering Out Graphics Card Noise