HIS IceQ Gaming Mouse Pad
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Product Code: HGMP1

EAN Code: 4895139009712


HIS IceQ Gaming Mouse Pad

HIS first gaming mouse pad designed with superior and comfortable materials. 


Features and advantages

1) Comfortable 3mm rubber base stays in place during high intensity gaming actually is

2) Soft and comfortable material - Made of natural rubber and plot cloth surface

3) Waterproof design for the bottom base place

4) Moderate surface friction for low-dpi mouse control

5) Consistent surface texture for improving gaming performance

6) Laser cutting - Laser cut for edges transferring superior and long lasting quality

Size: 320 x 240 x 3 mm

Giftbox Dimension: 75 x 75 x 282 mm

Material: Natural rubber and plot cloth

Printing Method: Thermal Transfer Printing

Crafts: Laser Cutting

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