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HIS 6570 IceQ 1GB DDR3 – The Ultimately Cooled HD 6570

HIS Office, September 23, 2011

HIS 6570 IceQ 1GB DDR3 – The Ultimately Cooled HD 6570

When a widely honored display card meets an awarding-winning cooling technology, it's Hightech Information System's (HIS) HIS 6570 IceQ 1GB DDR3. The leading IceQ cooling technology dramatically lowers the GPU temperature and keeps noises to minimum, making the model a cool and quiet graphic enhancer, offering the ultimate performance in versatility for the everyday computing desktop.

Collaborating with the HIS 6570 graphics processor and innovative technologies like AMD Acceleration, DirectX11 support, CrossFireX multi-GPU technology, HIS 6570 IceQ 1GB DDR3 undoubtedly provides superb graphic features and support. 

Product Features & Benefits

1. IceQ Cooling Technology
IceQ is an award-winning and performance-leading air-cooling technology that can dramatically decrease the GPU temperature together with your PC components.

2. Cooler
Heat transfers rapidly out of GPU and reduces temperature faster. Cool air is pulled from both sides of the fan and heat is expelled directly out of t he chassis.

3. UV Sensitive
Perfect for modded chassis – add a UV light and the HIS graphics card will radiate beautifully

4. Dual Slow Cooling Design
Directly exhausts hot air out of PC case

5. Crossfire Advantage
The unique airflow system of the IceQ cooler means even when additional cards are fitted in a CrossFire configuration, each GPU will remain cool.

HIS 6570 IceQ 1GB DDR3

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