HIS HD 2600XT IceQ Turbo 512MB/256MB GDDR3 PCIe
  • HD2600XT_IceQT_3DBox_250
  • HD2600XT_IceQT_GDDR3_PCIe_500
Référence H260XTQT512DD-R
Refroidissement IceQ
GPU 2600XT
Fréquence GPU 830 MHz
Fréquence mémoire 1860 (For 512MB) /1920 (For 256MB) MHz
Capacité mémoire 512 / 256 MB
Type de mémoire GDDR3
Interface mémoire 128 bit
Interface PCI-Express x16
Availability Discontinued
  • ATI Premium Graphics™
  • ATI CrossfireX™
  • DirectX 10
  • IceQ
  • UV Sensitive
  • 1080p
  • HDMI
  • HDTV
  • Dual Monitor
  • Gaming
  • Dual DVI
  • TV-Out
  • Retail Pack
January 31th, 2009 at 07:25 pm By shikari

Отличная видюха, брал год назад до сих пор хватает. 512 мегабайтная версия была разогнанна до 860MHz для ядра и 2300MHz для памяти соответственно!

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HIS has won over 1700 awards with AMD graphic solutions from major media worldwide.

HIS Radeon HD 2600XT IceQ Turbo 256MB - 10 mark in CHIP, December 2007 - best price/performance"

"Good alternative choice for GeForce 8600GT are cards based on Radeon HD 2600XT chipset. They offer similar performance and competitive price. Presented in this test HIS Radeon HD 2600XT IceQ Turbo card is a perfect example. This card is silent, h

" HD 2600XT IceQ Turbo performs well against the Geforce 8600GT, and it also offers a full HDTV experience, thanks to the integrated UVD, VIVO and HDCP. All things considered, we can recommend the HIS HD 2600XT IceQ Turbo if you're looking for som

"The IceQ cooler is a great piece of machinery. It was very quiet, even when we overclocked the card and it performed well. The fan scoops up air from inside the case and forces the hot air out through the rear vent. It's UV sensitive, so if you'r

"The performance of the card is without question a good deal better than that of any other middle-end AMD card, beating some nVidia cards in the process as well. The speedy GDDR3 memory makes this card occasionally faster even than the GDDR4 versi


" The HIS Radeon HD 2600 XT IceQ Turbo version has been overclocked to 830MHz, which is much higher than the GeForce 8600 GT and GTS core clock speeds. "

" The HIS HD 2600 XT IceQ Turbo is able not only to deliver acceptable framerates at 1600x1200 but also - and more importantly - beat out the GeForce 8600 GT." " The HD 2600 XT IceQ Turbo was able to be pushed all the way to 931.5MHz on the core a

Auf normalen Auflösungen und mit einem angemessenen Prozessor im Rücken, kann Sie auch in Benchmark und Co. überzeugen. Wer jedoch dauerhaft auf hochauflösenden Modi spielt, sollte besser zur HD2900XT greifen. Wir sind allerdin

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