HIS Multi-View Adapter (Discontinued)
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May 17th, 2009 at 06:12 am By Michael Cheng

My advice to people using your HIS Multi-View is if they have problems, then just go to the Apple Downloads site and download the DELTA UPDATE for 10.5.7 directly, and then re-install the 1.5.7 update. It works fine now.

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HIS has won over 1700 awards with AMD graphic solutions from major media worldwide.

" This thing would be perfect in an office setting or a home office. I know someone that has 7 monitors setup, and his took a long time to make them work right. The Multi-View would make his situation much simpler. " - Bjorn3d's Seal of Approval

" The USB connection allowed for smooth playback of the DVD and gave us a clean image on the other end. It also showed its usefulness with a prime area of concern for business persons, portability. Being able to travel and hook into another display is something I have wanted personally for some time when I'm on the road. With the HIS Multi-View unit, you have that in a compact and easy to carry package...... A great product with a variety of uses. A product we can heartily recommend. " - Overclocker Cafe Recommended

" The video adapter with the USB-interface, undoubtedly, is the interesting device which is worthy, already for that simple reason that this interface is for today the most widespread, and possibility connect thus the additional monitor can to be claimed in the most different situations. "

" The HIS Multi-View Adapter makes it so easy to add extra displays to a computer system it not funny. For every extra display that you want to add just install a multi-view adapter. It's a so easy to install and setup it's really a no brainier. If you require additional displays beyond what your video card is capable of supporting, this is a relatively inexpensive option. " -  Great gameman's pick