CO:CAINE Headphone Sound Clash (Girl Getter)
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Product Code: HPSCGG

EAN Code: 4039039713069



Pack a pretty punch with these bold, feminine and floral designed headphones. Featuring bright colours and a flirty pattern, they're the perfect fit for those aiming to make a statement.

Performance stereo headphone for high quality audio sources.

Individually adjustable headband and soft ear cushions for long term operation.

Noise Isolation: the co:caine soft foam ear cushions effectively reduce ambient noise.

Speaker:    Ø = 50 mm  
Frequency range:    20-20.000 Hz  
Impedance:    32 Ω / channel  
Weight:    286 g ( w/o cable )  
Cable Length:    1,5 m  
Connector:    3,5 mm Mini Phono Plug
(Subject to change without prior notice)

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