wavemaster MOBI Portable Speaker (White)
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EAN 编码: 4039039661261





性能级迷你扬声器系统,相容于便携式装置,如手机,iPod,上网本/笔记本,iPhone, Galaxy 等。

输出功率(RMS):1×3,8 W
频率响应:80 - 20000赫兹
控制/显示:ON / OFF,ON / OFF和充电状态LED指示灯
电池:500毫安时锂离子电池3,7 V,
充电电压:USB5 V

November 12th, 2012 at 04:22 pm By Niclas Rydell

Fantastic sound! I have tested speakers from Ericsson (MS430) and Philips (SBA3000) but none come close to the sound of this thing. It achieves very loud volume, deep base and a full spectra without distortion. The product has a plastic appearance but it is foldable to half the size and it has a built in rechargeable battery. The 10cm cable is possible to hide in the speaker when it is not used.

November 6th, 2012 at 04:23 am By Klaus

This little speaker has a very cool look to it and for the size it can deliver some pretty amazing sound when connect to a device, it has worked great on a samsung galaxy s2 phone and makes videos. music and gameplay sound great, the portability of this mobi speaker as yoiu can take it along in it's nice pouch that comes with and setup this speaker anywhere.

Also i like how it opens and closes to hide the on/off switch and micro USB charging port, and a cool looking blue light underneath to indicate when the speaker is on.

Kinda just one as the cord is a little short but this is okay as a person can just get a audio cable to extend it.

HIS has made a wonderful product in this mobi speaker and sounds great, i would highly recommend it if you need portable audio sound then this little performer will be right up you alley.

October 22th, 2012 at 10:16 am By Allen Sitter

Surprising to say the least! I got this little speaker for my brother. He needed something to sit next to his laptop to play music. This guy fit the specs and the budget perfectly.

Amazing quality and volume - His laptop was blasting music that was clearer and louder than his previous traditional 2 speaker setup (two 5 inch tall desktop speakers and lots of wires).

Battery - Surprisingly long life. It played music at considerable volume for over 8 hours (and then it was time to go home, playing music on a cell phone, connected to this speaker)

Charging - Charges super fast and the LED on the bottom changes color to indicate when it is charging.

Storage bag - Much like the bag of a certain whiskey, it is a felt bag with a drawstring. The speaker can be tossed in the bag for easy transport with the laptop.

Ease of use - This little guy can be used on numerous devices, and is "plug 'n play".

The only con about this little MOBI speaker is the length of the cord, it's only about 3 inches. That's not really a big deal because we needed a speaker to sit directly next to a laptop, and this is what it does (with no excess cords everywhere).

Final impression:
Great product, I'd give it a 9.5/10!

For the price (or double the price, or triple the price) you can not get a better sounding portable speaker.

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HIS has won over 1000 awards with ATI graphic solution from major media worldwide.

"Not only does it look cool, work great and have great battery life, the sound is absolutely phenomenal...The base of the speaker easily pops in and out of the main unit and not only looks cool but is extremely well designed...everything about this speaker screams quality in both design and execution.If you want the best and coolest portable speaker out there, this is it!" Digital Hippos - Rating 4.5/5

"It's a fairly attractive little device, with smooth curves and decent build quality for something so light...My experience using this amp was that it surprised me.  It is much louder, with better bass, than my laptop speakers, cellphone, or tablet." Christ Centered Gamer