wavemaster MOBI Portable Speaker (Green)
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EAN 编码: 4039039661254



MOBI扬声器 为全德国设计,是德国着名品牌, 迷你轻巧!伸缩设计,让您上下一推便可将MOBI缩小,放进任何口袋。在扩展模式时机身体积增加,则保证最佳音效。


性能级迷你扬声器系统,相容于便携式装置,如手机,iPod,上网本/笔记本,iPhone, Galaxy 等。

输出功率(RMS):1×3,8 W
频率响应:80 - 20000赫兹
控制/显示:ON / OFF,ON / OFF和充电状态LED指示灯
电池:500毫安时锂离子电池3,7 V,
充电电压:USB5 V

November 6th, 2012 at 04:26 am By Klaus

This little speaker has a very cool look to it and for the size it can deliver some pretty amazing sound when connect to a device, it has worked great on a samsung galaxy s2 phone and makes videos. music and gameplay sound great, the portability of this mobi speaker as yoiu can take it along in it's nice pouch that comes with and setup this speaker anywhere.

Also i like how it opens and closes to hide the on/off switch and micro USB charging port, and a cool looking blue light underneath to indicate when the speaker is on.

And the built in rechargeable lithium ion battery gives you hours of audio listening pleasure.

Kinda just one as the cord is a little short but this is okay as a person can just get a audio cable to extend it.

HIS has made a wonderful product in this mobi speaker and sounds great, i would highly recommend it if you need portable audio sound then this little performer will be right up you alley.

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HIS has won over 1000 awards with ATI graphic solution from major media worldwide.

"The mid-range was full-filling and the highs were sharp and clear. Speaker volume was pretty loud and the playback duration was nearly 10 hours, which I liked...You do get good acoustic performance with a 360° sound field...All-in-all, I think the Wavemaster MOBI Portable Speaker System by HIS is a decent product. It's light-weight, compact and produces good quality sound. It's perfect for any user who's always on the go ..."

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