Kingdom of Gamer (KoG) Pre-Order Shipping and Payment Information

HIS Office, March 2, 2010

Products are not Available for Shipment to All Countries and Territories

Not all products offered by HIS via HIS - Kingdom of Gamer pre-order promotion are available for for shipment to customers in all countries and territories.

The reasons a product may not be available for shipment to your country or territory may include, but are not limited to, the following:

--- Contractual limitations may prohibit Unicover from selling the product in your country or territory.
--- Import of the items in question into your country or territory may be restricted or prohibited under your country's or territory's laws and regulations.
--- Export of the items in question to your country or territory may be restricted or prohibited under product origins' Government laws and regulations.
--- Mail delivery to your country or territory may not be sufficiently reliable to allow us to ship products.

Status of Your Order and Details of Shipment(s)

HIS - Kingdom of Gamer  will notify you by e-mail when each shipment is made, provided that you maintain an accurate and up-to-date e-mail address.

Shipping and Payment Information

HIS - Kingdom of Gamer ships international orders via Air Mail, Global Priority Mail, Air Parcel Post, or Courier service depending on size and weight.

In general, payment via Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or a valid Visa or MasterCard is required in order to process an international order. If a transaction is rejected, the order will not be shipped.

For each shipment, HIS will make two separate charges to your card:

>> A charge for the stated price of the SKUs in the shipment together with any applicable handling and packaging charge.

This charge will be made when the stock is picked from inventory.

>> A charge for the actual postage for delivery of the shipment.

This charge will be made at the time the shipment is scanned and dispatched from HIS by Air Mail, Global Priority Mail, or Air Parcel Post.

Duties and Taxes.
The total amount charged for each international order does not include import duties into your country or territory, VAT/GST or any other taxes. These are your responsibility and are usually collected upon delivery. By law, we must accurately declare both the price paid and the content of each shipment, according to the origin's customs and export regulations. For example, stamps are described as "philatelic materials" and coins are described as "numismatic materials." Prices stated on customs forms are always quoted in United States Dollars (USD).

Delivery Time. In general, once a shipment has been dispatched, you should allow 3 to 4 weeks for the shipment to arrive at your address. This time includes the 4 to 5 days that shipments typically take to clear customs in your country.

Product Warranty. As with all shipments we make, international shipments are triple checked to be sure each shipment is complete and correct. Under our product warranty, you may enjoy a 2-year product warranty with our local distributor, provided that you have registered your product in our Kingdom of Gamers (http://

However, HIS is not responsible for shortages in the shipment due to the actions of your customs authorities. HIS is not responsible if your national customs opens a shipment, retains samples, confiscates merchandise or otherwise alters the contents of a shipment.