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iTurbo - Your Graphics Card Assistant!

HIS Office, March 30, 2012

iTurbo - Your Graphics Card Assistant!

iTurbo is your graphics card assistant to control your graphics card to be quiet, cool and experience overclocking by simply pressing the iTurbo Button!

Download it NOW to get the iTurbo experience!


User Friendly

iTurbo's interface in simplicity makes it an user friendly overclocking Software. Fan Control and Fan Monitoring allow easy adjustment of your card to its maximum cooling performance or to run your card quietly!

Extra Functions

iTurbo provides advanced setting options such as ULPS, synchronization in Multi-GPU config, providing maximized flexbility for advanced users.


iTurbo shows real time status and information of your graphics card, including temperature, temperature, fan speed, and more, allowing easy monitoring of your card!


iTurbo's overclocking ability pushes your graphics card to its full potential! Boost Core, Memory Clocks and increase the GPU Voltage anytime! Save your Overclock Profiles and OC instantly with iTurbo! 

How to Use?