For United States:

For any defective HIS video card sold in the United States. Please visit the Lexy Pacific Corp website for RMA processing.

For other regions:

If end user is unable to obtain the RMA services from his/her suppliers due to whatever reason, please kindly go through our RMA process for replacement. User have to provide us the followng information and submit to us by email :

  1. Product description
  2. Model Code.
  3. Series Number (see bottom images for reference)
  4. Name of the supplier
  5. Address of return the RMA item

Once we have received the request and verified the warranty is valid, we will issue a RMA number by email, along with the returning address. As soon as the end user have received the RMA number, they can return the card to us for replacement.

User need to bear the followings charge :

  1. Returning freight cost from HK to your postal address.
  2. Cost will be around US$50 to US$60 through courier such as TNT or Fedex depends on the regional.
  3. Optional for the insurance : Add US$1 or 2 only.
  4. Cheaper return cost will be available through post office service. It will be around US$39 to US$49 depend on the regional.
  5. Payment can be made through Credit Card by filling our Credit Card Authorization Form.

Note: Any returns without a RMA number will be rejected.

Precautions for RMA return :

  • End user is required to submit the invoice to us with information that indicate which reseller they purchase the goods, date and serial number.
  • Customer should pack all RMA properly i.e. well packed with bubble bags, box or protective material.
  • Add the strong outer carton while sending those parcel back to us.
  • Accessories are not necessary to send back to us.
  • Small parcel should be applied the same rules as above.
  • Customers should request box from our sales account manager of those empty boxes do not available in their site. We will arrange those empty boxes together with their regular shipments.

Your Serial Number Label:

Located in BoxLocated in Back of the Card