• Q : The RADEON X1800 XT supports dynamic clocking?

    A :

    The RADEON X1800 XT is the highest speed variant of the X1800 family with several unique characteristics. To achieve maximum performance and optimal power dissipation the XT supports dynamic clocking. The board boots into a low power mode at 600e/700m core and memory clocks and automatically accelerates to the standard 625e/750m clocks whenever full screen applications such as games are running. The X1800 XT also uses an efficient dual-slot fansink.

  • Q : What are the requirements of HIS X1900XT and X1900XTX Power Supply?

    A :

    Power supplies with 450-Watt capacity and 30A current on 12V rail is recommended for single HIS X1900 series product. It requires a power supply with one 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors. This product should be connected directly to a PCI-E Express compliant power supply with 6 pin PCI-E power connection. Please consult your power supply vendor specifications to ensure your system meets the recommended functionality.

  • Q : What to do if my power supply does not have the 6 pin PCIe plug for connecting to my X1950 XT ?

    A :

    You are advised to use power supply that have the 6 pin PCIe connector for connecting to X1950XT. Power adapter cable that converts the 4 pin power connector from the power supply to the 6 pin PCIe plug are not recommended. Some power supply without the 6 pin PCIe plug may not have enough current for the 12V rail and the card may behave abnormally especially during 3D gaming. This may include screen corruption, system hang etc.

    X1950XT draws a lot of power from 12V. A single card will require 450-Watt power supply or greater with 30 Amps on 12 volt rail recommended (assumes fully loaded system) and for CrossFireTM: 550 watt power supply or greater, 38 Amps on 12 volt rail.

  • Q : How to obtain Counter-Strike: ConditionZero™ CD key?

    A :
    1. Make sure the system is connected to internet before installation.
    2. Insert Disk 1 of Counter-Strike.
    3. Counter-Strike Install Menu will pop up. Click "Register to get your CD-Key".
    4. This will divert the user to the "Counter-Strike:ConditionZeroTM Registration" page. Enter the required registration information, i.e.
      E-mail Address and Location. Press "Submit" button when completed.
    5. User will see the "Thank you for your registration" page when user information submitted successfully. Do not close the window and read the page carefully.
    6. An E-mail will send to the submitted E-mail address shortly. In the replied message, follow the instruction by click the link provided. Please read the mail carefully.
    7. A "Thank you" message will appear. Close this windows and return to the bonus page(Step 5's windows).
    8. Click "Enter" in the bonus page. The CD key will appear.
    9. User can use this CD key to install Counter-Strike:ConditionZeroTM.
    10. Enjoy the game.
  • Q : Why is that if I use Powerstrip to check the frequency of the DDR of your ATI product, the frequency is just half?

    A :

    For example, for a Radeon 7500/LE, the detected frequency is 200Mhz instead of 400Mhz but for Nvidia MX440, the frequency is correctly reported as 400Mhz.

    We found the error is caused by a software bug in Powerstrip.

    Bear in mind that different Graphic chip has their own programming methods and Powerstrip is only a third party software and may have some compatibility problem.

    Actually, for ATI DDR products, the clock should be double to what PowerStrip mentions. For example, if PowerStrip shows 200MHz, the board should be running at 400MHz. But for Nvidia DDR Products, Powerstrip shows the exact memory clock speed, 400MHz.

  • Q : Why can't we use the driver under the section "Built by ATI" on ATI's web site for our ATI products?

    A :

    On ATI's website, there are two sets of drivers, namely, "Built by ATI" and "Powered by ATI". The former are solely for cards built by ATI herself while the later are for other manufacturers. These two sets of drivers may detect different sub vendor and sub system ID that are manufacturer dependent. ATI has designed the drivers and BIOS as such. Hence, our card can only used the drivers in the "Powered by ATI" Section. ATI Cards by other manufacturers will have the same situation.

  • Q : How can I change the resolution of my 2nd monitor under Windows 98SE?

    A :

    You can change the display settings of your 2nd monitor as follows:

    1. Right click on an open area on the desktop
    2. Click "Properties" on the pop up menu
    3. Click "Setting"
    4. Click "Advanced"
    5. Click "Display"
    6. Click CRT2 then click "OK"
    7. Click the CRT2 icon on the "setting" menu, click "Yes" when prompted
    8. Set the resolution and color depth
    9. Click "Apply" to activate your setting

    Note : If you want to change the resolution of CRT2 (Secondary display), the system will stop running at mirror mode, it will run in extend desktop mode instead.

  • Q : Is there a way to upgrade the BIOS on my VGA Card?

    A :

    The BIOS is a very critical component for correct functioning of your VGA card. We do not recommend users to flash the BIOS themselves because slight difference in  functionality may require a different BIOS completely. Consequently, not all our graphic produts are equipped with flash ROM. If there is no flash ROM on your VGA card and you try to flash the BIOS, the flashing utility may sometimes report the message "EEPROM not compatible". Please note that if you flash the BIOS incorrectly at your own risk, your VGA card may function abnormally and we cannot be responsible for any damages caused.

  • Q : How can I change the refresh rate used for my monitor under Window XP?

    A :

    Please follow the following steps :

    1. Right click on an open area of the Windows desktop. Select "Properties" from the drop down menu.
    2. Click the "Settings" tab and then click the "Advanced" button.
    3. Click the "Monitor" tab and then use the "Screen refresh rate" drop down to select the desired refresh rate.
    4. Click "Apply".
    5. If the display appears right, click "Yes".
    6. Click "OK" twice to exit the "Display Properties" panel.

    The maximum refresh rate available is determined by the monitor type detected by Windows XP.

  • Q : What’s is DirectX?

    A :

    In very general terms, DirectX is an interface between programs (applications and games) and the drivers that run your graphics, sound and other computer hardware. It plays a role in many functions, including 3D rendering, video playback, still and motion capture, TV Viewing applications, joystick and mouse interfaces, networking for multiplayer games and lots more.

    Your installation CD may have a copy of DirectX that was current at the time the CD was created. The most updated copy is always available from Microsoft website.