• Q : Why I cannot select Overdrive in the Catalyst Control Center by using my HD 2900XT card?

    A :

    During Overdrive, the board will draw much more power because of the higher clock rate. In order to ensure the power supply can have enough power, you need to use power supply with 2x4 pin plug. The board will autodetect whether a 2x4 pin power plug is used and then automatically enable the Overdrive section in the Catalyst Control Center.

  • Q : Why does the system hang when I run "3DMarks" by my HD2900XT card.

    A :

    This can be solved by adding a -nosysteminfo switch. For example, if you are running 3Dmark06, please try the following:

      - Right click the 3DMark06 Icon in the Desktop
      - Select Properties > ShortCut
      - In the Target Field, add a space and then - nosysteminfo
      - Click OK.

    3DMark will then run without problem. In the future, 3DMark will have an update to solve this.